Leadership Team / Track Record

During the 200+ years of collective real estate experience, the LS Estates leadership team has built up strong relationships and contacts within the real estate community, including banks, investors, professional advisors and real estate brokers. It is these resources which enable us to realise our collective investment goals.

The team are able to unlock opportunities, create value and deliver projects whilst mitigating the inherent risks, by taking both a market and specialist approach to real estate development using tried and tested methods.

This approach, together with a deep understanding and experience of real estate, allows the LS Estates team to utilise this experience and long-standing professional relationships in the real estate industry to realise its partner's goals.


Mark Swetman

Founding Director
New Business / Strategy
Business Plan Implementation
Investor Relations
London and the South East Focus

Duncan Trench

Project acquisition due diligence
Professional Team Selection / Appointments
Project Management / delivery co-ordination
Sale co-ordination
William Tyser

William Tyser

Equity Capital Markets

New Business / Strategy
Investor Relations / JV co-ordination
Sale co-ordination

Andrew Sutherland

Debt Capital Markets
Debt / Credit Management
Joint Venture Opportunities / Investor Relations
Business Strategy
New Business

Kirsty Scott

Asset Management
Project acquisition due diligence
Asset Management implementation
Facilities Management strategy
Sale co-ordination

Justine Wingrove

Joint Managing Director of GLS Estates

In addition, the team is supported by 3 associates/analysts